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Une équipe accessible et courtoise ayant l'expertise de répondre adéquatement à tous vos besoins. Une écoute attentive appuyée par des conseils techniques efficaces permet de choisir le bon produit du premier coup, une marge d'erreur réduite c'est un gain de temps et réduit les coûts sur un chantier.


Nous offrons un service de livraison selon la distance ou nous pouvons dans bien des cas selon l'urgence expédié le jour même.


 Nous sommes  en mesure de vous venir en aide avec certains litiges qui peuvent parfois survenir avec un architecte ou un ingénieur pour l'approbation d`un produit.


Nous pouvons nous déplacer sur votre chantier pour effectuer des tests d`installation ou des test de valeur d'arrachement avec un appareil spécialisé et vous soumettre un rapport.





An accessible and courteous team with the expertise to meet all your needs. Careful listening, backed up by effective technical advises, makes it possible to chose the right product from the start. Lessening the margin of error saves time and reduces costs on a construction site.


We offer a delivery service according to the distance and we can also dispatch the same day in case of a urgent need.


We can assist you with mitigation when differences occur for the approval of a product with an architect or an engineer.


We can go to your site to perform installation test our pullout value tests with a specialized device and submit a report. 





Customers, our priority - Services our trademark


Suprex is our screw painting service,  a two component epoxy coating. Durable, impact and abrasion resistant in all color ranges from the leading manufacturer of steel, aluminium, fibro-cement ans composite materials. If we do not have the desired color, simply submit a sample, we can harmonized all the colors.

Suprel is our anti-corrosion service, a coating developed with the chimist of a renowned company in the field of industrial coatings. A polyepoxyde coating formulated to be resistant to abrasion, torque effects, acid rain and other of corrosive environnements.


Suprel can be applied to various types of zinc-coated fasteners and offers durable and superior protection.

Test , we can perform various tests, depending of your application whether conventional or not. We can go to your plant or on your site to make a pullout value test and we will submit a report if desired.

If you develop a new product, we can assist you regardless of the type of fasteners, we can even develop a product and customized it for your project ans type of application.

Screw assembly, to better serve you, we can quickly assembled  different sizes of screws and washers.

Sandblasting, we have a device to do sandblasting with aluminium oxyde. We have the capability to sandblast already painted screws or various corroded items to remove rust or to restore them 

Delivery, we offer a free delivery service at your offices or your construction site within a 50 km radius. It is also possible to offer this service free of charge within a larger radius depending of the amount of your order or combination of orders. 

We can establish a shipping agreement depending of your region, we have preferred rates with different carriers covering north America.



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